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Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey is necessary when subdividing a piece of land into smaller lots for potential development or sale.

Charlotte Surveyor Group has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate subdivision survey.

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When considering the process of dividing a piece of land into smaller lots with the aim of either developing or selling them, it becomes essential to conduct a subdivision survey.

Charlotte Surveyor Group possess the necessary skills and resources required to deliver a precise and reliable survey for subdividing land.

A subdivision survey becomes essential when a single plot of land is divided into multiple smaller lots. Initially, a surveyor must conduct a comprehensive boundary survey on the entire original tract. Following this, the we can proceed with the subdivision process by subdividing the land into smaller parcels, using a form of a boundary survey to finalize the design of the subdivision.

Once the subdivision layout is established, we will conduct a boundary or lot survey to ensure that the design of each lot conforms to the overall design of the subdivision. This survey is a necessary step whenever land is being subdivided, whether it pertains to the creation of housing tracts or the sale of a portion of your residential or commercial property.

Reasons to get a subdivision survey

Property Development

When developers intend to divide a sizable property into smaller sections to be utilized for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, they must obtain a subdivision survey. This survey serves the purpose of accurately delineating the boundaries and dimensions of each subdivided lot, thereby providing a clear and precise definition for the individual sections being created.

Zoning and Permitting

To secure the required permits for land subdivisions, this survey will assess whether the proposed design complies with Charlotte’s zoning regulations.

Property Sales and Transactions

The survey gives important information required for title transfer and legal documentation in a property sale that includes divided lots.

Recording and Documentation

The survey is sent to Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds Office to officially document and record the boundaries of the subdivided lots.

Infrastructure Planning and Design

The survey gathers important data to effectively plan utilities, sidewalks, drainage, and roads in the developed region.

Community Planning

Charlotte planners can make informed decisions about future land development, zoning regulations, and community design by utilizing subdivision surveys, which are crucial for community planning and growth.

What is a Subdivision Survey?

A subdivision survey is a specialized service that aims to partition a sizable piece of property into multiple smaller lots or parcels. This requires measurement, analysis, and mapping, all of which are undertaken to establish precise and well-defined boundaries for each newly created lot. The ultimate objective of a subdivision survey is to ensure an accurate and reliable division of land, guaranteeing a clear demarcation between each parcel.

The surveyor scrutinizes the current legal descriptions, physical boundaries, neighboring properties, and zoning ordinances to accurately determine the layout of the individual lots. Then the surveyor proceeds to generate a precise and conclusive map, known as a plat, which depicts the precise arrangement of the divided parcels of land.

The subdivision survey serves as the basis for establishing new property boundaries, allowing each divided lot to have its ownership and use. This allows for the development of residential areas, commercial hubs, and recreational areas.

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