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We are a Charlotte, NC based land survey company serving all the area’s residents and businesses. Offering land surveys for residential, construction, and commercial properties, including Elevation Certificates, boundary surveys, topographical surveys, construction layout surveys, and more.

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Land Surveys in Charlotte

Charlotte Surveyor Group offers precise and detailed surveying services for residential properties, commercial developments, and construction projects. Our skilled team uses advanced equipment to provide accurate survey data for properties across Charlotte and the surrounding area.

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We specialize in land survey services including the following:

Survey Services We Offer to Charlotte

Elevation Certificate

How much does an elevation certificate cost in CharlotteFlood insurance is important in Charlotte and the surrounding communities in North Carolina. In order to obtain flood insurance, an elevation certificate is often required to adhere to FEMA guidelines. An elevation certificate is produced by a land surveyor. This process involves surveying the land that the property is located, documenting the topography, analyzing the elevation of where the structures or buildings are located, and overlaying onto FEMA flood zone maps. This enables the surveyor to produce an elevation certificate. The elevation certificate can be provided to the insurance company for them to provide an flood insurance policy in accordance with the guidelines.

Boundary Survey

How much does a boundary survey cost in CharlotteBoundary surveys are the most common type of survey. Each property has definitive boundaries. These boundaries are typically marked by physical marker, and by documentation with the government. Our job as surveyors is to review the official records, locate the physical markers, and make determinations of the actual boundary using specialized equipment. The customer is provided with a detailed drawing of the property showing the locations of the boundaries, and physical markers that are visible to the property owner.


How much does an ALTA/NSPS survey cost in Charlotte?An ALTA/NSPS survey is the most detailed property survey. This is more than a standard boundary survey. The official records are scrutinized in detail, and highly accurate surveying equipment is utilized to ensure the most accurate survey available. The ALTA/NSPS survey is typically required for title insurance and often requested by lenders to provide a mortgage.

Topographical Survey

How much does a topographic survey cost in Charlotte?A topographical survey plots the elevations changes of the piece of property being surveyed. The survey also locates significant natural and man made landmarks as a point of reference and to show that there is an important elevation marker to be noted. Architects, builders, contractors, and landscapers utilize the topographical survey in their design, and to ensure that changes that they make (building, landscaping, etc) are compliant with the changes in elevation naturally on the property.

Subdivision Survey

How much does a subdivision survey cost in Charlotte?A subdivision survey is an unique type of survey that denotes new locations of pieces of property. When a larger property is divided into multiple properties, a subdivision survey is needed. This locates the property boundaries both physically, and on detailed drawings for the client and for official records provided to the government. These are typically needed when a developer purchases a large lot to subdivide into multiple residences, when a property owner would like to subdivide their land for additional family members, or a multitude of reasons.

Construction Survey

How much does construction staking cost in CharlotteA construction survey is necessary during a property development project. The layout survey will provide detailed drawings that will assist the builders to show where the building will be located. The construction staking are physical markers on the property to assist with locating the major components of a development. These are important for every construction project when building a structure.

Common Reasons to get a Survey in Charlotte

It is crucial to be aware of the precise property boundaries for various purposes. Homeowners and businesses often require the expertise of a professional land surveyor due to the following reasons:

Requirement for Flood Insurance

Property owners in Charlotte might be required to get surveys to meet insurance criteria, such as elevation certificates for flood insurance. Find further information on elevation certificates for flood insurance.

Insurance Requirement for Residential Property Title

An ALTA/NSPS survey is a required boundary survey for obtaining title insurance in residential property transactions. Discover more about ALTA/NSPS surveys for property title insurance.

Fence Construction

Fences need to be built within the property lines of the owner of the fence. A boundary survey will stake the property lines to ensure the fence meets the city and county regulations. Discover more about boundary surveys for fence construction.

Pool Installation

Many homes in Charlotte have pools, and even more homes want a pool. Pools are typically installed well within property lines, so it is important to get a topographical survey to understand the grading and contours of the land where the pool will be located. Learn more about topographical surveys for pool installation.

Property Development

Property owners may need different surveys like boundary surveys, topographical surveys, and construction layout surveys if they plan to develop their property or carry out construction projects. These surveys help evaluate the project’s feasibility, design, as well as its implementation. Find out more about construction layout surveys for property development.

Renovations or Construction Additions

Before making major additions or changes, homeowners and businesses often ask for a boundary and topographic survey to analyze the current characteristics and topography of their property. This survey provides valuable information for design and planning purposes. Find out more about topographical surveys for renovations and additions.

Disputes on Property Line

Homeowners and businesses can employ a land surveyor to settle boundary conflicts with nearby properties. Find further information on boundary surveys for property line disputes.

Easement Determination and Detection

A survey can discover and pinpoint easements on a property. Easement surveys assist property owners in comprehending the privileges and constraints linked to easements, such as utility easements or access rights, that may impact property utilization or development intentions. Find additional information regarding boundary surveys for easement determination.

Our service guarantees precise property surveys, offering prompt, professional, and affordable assistance.

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