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Boundary Survey

A boundary survey marks the property lines of a lot. These are typically staked out with orange flags to designate the boundaries.

Charlotte Surveyor Group has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate boundary survey.

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The most common service offered by a land surveyor is a boundary survey as it provides the property owners with comprehensive information regarding the precise boundaries of their property. Through our extensive knowledge and utilization of professional surveying tools, we can accurately determine and demarcate property boundaries. This enables us to furnish the property owner with a comprehensive land survey report. This report not only serves legal purposes but also serves practical applications for the property owner.

Reasons to get a boundary survey

Property Purchase

In the property purchase process, having a precise understanding of the specific boundaries of a property is not only necessary but also a critical aspect. This is due to the importance of ensuring that the land being considered for purchase is precisely and accurately described, aligning with the intended acquisition.

Fence Installation

When it comes to fence installation on a property, it is critical to construct it within the designated boundaries. This is essential to avoid any potential encroachment onto neighboring properties, which could lead to legal complications and disputes. Conducting a boundary survey is the most effective way to ensure compliance with local regulations and prevent any unintentional infringement.

Property Improvement or Landscaping

Obtaining a boundary survey is highly advantageous for homeowners who plan to improve their property, such as adding structures, driveways, or landscaping features. By conducting a property survey, homeowners can confidently proceed with their projects, knowing that they will not encroach onto adjacent properties. This safeguards against potential conflicts with neighbors and legal ramifications associated with encroachment.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a necessary aspect of a real estate transaction, and many title insurance companies require a boundary survey to issue a policy. This step ensures that the property has accurate and up-to-date boundary information, allowing for appropriate coverage and protection. Through a boundary survey, homeowners mitigate any potential risks and problems that may arise concerning the property boundaries.

Construction or Development

A boundary survey is a crucial process that guarantees the planned project remains confined within the legally established limits of the property, complies with zoning regulations, and prevents any encroachments onto adjacent properties.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes may occur between neighbors when there are disagreements regarding the exact location of property lines that separate their respective properties. To seek a resolution for these disputes, one effective approach is to conduct a boundary survey. By conducting this survey, accurate measurements and assessments of the property’s boundaries can be obtained, helping to clarify and settle any discrepancies or areas of disagreement between the neighbors.

What is a Boundary Survey

A boundary survey determines the legal boundaries of a piece of property through various surveying techniques and measuring tools. Its main objective is to accurately define the lines that demarcate the property.This type of property survey is commonly enlisted during the process of purchasing, selling, or developing a property. Its significance lies in its ability to prevent potential conflicts and misunderstandings between adjacent landowners.

To carry out the land survey, the surveyor will physically examine the land to locate any pre-existing boundary markers. In cases where these markers are absent, the surveyor will install new markers to establish the boundaries. Additionally, the surveyor will thoroughly investigate the property’s deeds and other relevant public records.

Upon completion of the survey, the customer will receive an property map, generally referred to as a plat. This map will display in detail the property lines, boundary markers, and any pertinent measurements and legal descriptions.

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