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Construction Layout Survey

A construction layout survey prior to the start of construction will ensure that the build is precisely placed and all subcontractors execute their component correctly.

Charlotte Surveyor Group has the expertise and tools to provide accurate construction staking and layout survey.

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Conducting a construction layout survey before beginning the project guarantees accurate placement of the build and ensures that all subcontractors execute their tasks accurately.

Charlotte Surveyor Group can accurately survey construction layouts using their expertise and tools.

Before construction begins, a construction layout survey is conducted, wherein stakes are placed to precisely indicate the positions of planned features. Construction staking enables the contractor and subcontractors to have clear boundaries for constructing their respective components. Our skilled surveyors and specialized tools ensure an accurate survey for construction purposes.

Reasons to get a construction layout survey

Accurate Placement of Structures

The construction layout survey is essential to ensure precise positioning and alignment of buildings, additions, and new construction according to the design plans. Contractors rely on this survey to verify that the construction is accurately located and in the proper orientation.

Foundation and Footing Layout

The survey ensures that the foundation for buildings is accurately positioned and sized by the design plans.

Road and Infrastructure Alignment

Construction layout surveys are essential in determining the correct grades, curves, and dimensions needed for various infrastructure projects, such as roads, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Utility Placement

To prevent conflicts and damage to utilities, it is essential to precisely identify and map the locations and depths of utilities such as sewer lines, water lines, communication cables, and electrical conduits.

Site Grading and Earthworks

The survey aids in the implementation of the site grading plan, guaranteeing landform formation, appropriate drainage, and erosion control.

Structural Alignment and Verticality

Ensures that the construction is straight, true, and correctly aligned by verifying the structure and its components’ vertical arrangement.

As-Built Documentation

The survey is important for keeping a record of the project’s final layout for future reference, maintenance, and renovations.

What is a Construction Layout Survey?

A construction layout survey is a comprehensive mapping process that offers a detailed plan serving as a guide for builders, ensuring accuracy and precision in the placement of all project elements. This survey is undertaken before starting any work on the construction site.

The role of the surveyor involves the conversion of the architect’s or engineer’s blueprints into tangible indicators present at the construction site. Construction staking is strategically placed to represent the precise positions of walls, corners, doors, windows, and other significant elements within the planned structure. The primary objective is to guarantee that the actual construction aligns with the design to ensure an accurate building process.

Once the project is underway, we typically conduct periodic visits to the construction site to verify that the specifications are being adhered to. This practice ensures that the construction of the building is per plan.

If you need a construction layout survey for your development project, reach out to Charlotte Surveyor Group. We specialize in providing these surveys to assist in the accurate placement of structures, utilities, and other key elements within your construction site.

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