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Land Surveys for General Contractors

General contractors utilize different types of surveys. Prior to construction, a boundary and topographical survey will assist in planning. Larger projects typically require construction layout surveys.

Charlotte Surveyor Group has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate subdivision survey.

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A subdivision survey is necessary when a single piece of land is subdivided into multiple lots. First, a surveyor needs to do a boundary survey on the entire lot. Then the surveyor can subdivide into smaller parcels,  a form of a boundary survey so the subdivision design can be completed. Next, the surveyor will do a boundary or lot survey to ensure that the design of the individual lots is consistent with the design of the subdivision. This survey is done any time land is subdivided, including for housing tracts, or selling a portion of your residential or commercial land.

Reasons to get a boundary survey

    • Property Development: Developers need a subdivision survey when dividing a large property into smaller lots for residential, commercial, or industrial development. The boundaries and dimensions of each subdivided lot will be defined.
    • Zoning and Permitting: In order to obtain the necessary permits for subdividing the land, this survey determine if the proposed subdivision design adheres to Mecklenburg County zoning regulations.
    • Property Sales and Transactions: The survey provides relevant information needed for title transfer and legal documentation during a property sale involving subdivided lots.
    • Recording and Documentation: The survey is submitted to the Mecklenburg County Land Records for recording and documentation purposes to provide an official record of the subdivided lots and their boundaries.
    • Infrastructure Planning and Design: The survey provides the necessary information to efficiently design infrastructure, such as roads, utilities, drainage system, and sidewalks within the subdivided area.
    • Community Planning: Mecklenburg County planners can informed decisions regarding future land development, zoning regulations, and community design. Subdivision surveys play an important role in community planning and growth.

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